sky blanket update march

I know, I know, it is the 9th April already, and I am well over due for my sky blanket update for March.


Before March began, I was already playing catch up. The fact that each row is so long makes catching up quite daunting. Which makes me less likely to do it. Which makes it more daunting. Which makes me less likely to do it.

And so on.

At the beginning of the month I was quite determined and was getting in two or three rows a day to catch up with myself. Then I didn’t do any for a few days and before I knew it I was back to square one.

I am currently up to the 8th of March.

Fortunately I am keeping a record of each day’s sky in my bullet journal so I can easily catch up one row at a time.

I am cross with myself and how far behind I have become. If I ever do a sky blanket again a) I won’t use a starting chain of 400 (!) and b) I will use granny squares that are quick to make and therefore quick to catch up. Maybe it’s a blip – three months in and my initial excitement and motivation seems to have vanished. Hopefully I’ll regain my mojo.

But still. I am loving the look of the blanket so far. And once I am back on track I may actually love the blanket too.

Rows completed this month: 16

Total rows: 68

Number of stitches this month: 6,400

Total number of stitches: 27,200

How have you got on this month? Add your update post to the linky below so we can see how you are getting on. Don’t forget to add our lovely badge to your posts to help spread the word. Check out my co-hosts The Boy And Me (who is still doing better than me even with a broken wrist) and Bug Bird Bee. You can see others taking part in the Sky Blanket 2016 challenge on twitter and instagram using #skyblanket2016.

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