sky blanket update january

So, that’s January done then. A whole month of 2016 gone. A whole month of our sky blanket complete.

I was so excited about starting my sky blanket, and I was hoping for something spectacular like a sunrise/sunset or even snow to start 2016. But no. Grey.

There has been quite a lot of grey, actually. But not as much as I would have predicted. Because I leave early (7.30ish) for work, I have witnessed some beautiful sunrises. There have also been some spectacular sunsets in amongst the greyness. And, surprisingly, there have been some blue skies too. My only disappointment is the complete and utter lack of snow.

I have chosen to use the vintage vertical stripe pattern as it is so very easy to do without really thinking. I was aiming to chain about 250 to start, but for some reason I just kept going and only stopped when I got to 400.

I am an idiot.

My logic was that with 366 rows, I didn’t want it to look out of proportion. It measures 2.2m across and my current calculations have it ending up about 2.5m long. That makes it king size, which is perfect for us all to snuggle under on the sofa on family film nights.

I have a rule that I can’t use the same shade of yarn two days in a row. This has made me look harder, and has meant that I now own at least 7 different shades of grey…

Mostly I have been able to do a row each day. On a couple of occasions I haven’t been able to, but I am keeping a note in my bullet journal so that I can make sure I am up to date.


I’m also trying to sew the ends in regularly. Meh.

So that’s it. A month down, eleven to go.

Rows completed this month: 31

Total rows: 31

Number of stitches this month: 12,400

Total number of stitches: 12,400

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