giant yarn

Over Christmas I saw a photo on a friend’s instagram feed of her knitting. Nothing unusual in that, I give you. Except she was knitting with giant yarn using giant needles. And she made herself a beautiful giant blanket.

I want one.

So I googled “giant yarn” and found it’s an actual thing. I promptly ordered myself some, together with a 40mm hook.



The yarn arrived really quickly. It is beautiful – light grey, soft, giant.


giant yarn is giant

I am trying to decide how to make it into a blanket. There are plenty of giant yarn knitting patterns out there, but there appears to be a real lack of  crochet patterns. I am thinking I may just scale up a regular blanket pattern, but am worried it may be too rigid.

I am so excited to make this beautiful giant yarn into a beautiful giant blanket.

I can’t do anything just yet though. The giant crochet hook has yet to arrive.

In the meantime I am on the look out for inspiration. Any blanket recommendations? Or have you got any giant yarn tips?