dinosaur tail

Last summer I made my six year old niece a mermaid tail for her birthday. Her little brother loves dinosaurs, and as I was making the mermaid tail, I thought that it could easily become a dinosaur tail. So, guess what my four year old nephew got for christmas?

Yup. A dinosaur tail.

I used the same pattern as the mermaid tail, using two strands of King Cole Gypsy Super Chunky in Bracken. It was all going well until I realised that the dinosaur tail looked more like a giant fish tail.

too fishy

too fishy


That was not the look I was going for.

So I frogged it and started again. This time though I started from the point in the pattern where you double crochet 8 stitches in the front loops then the back loops to start the round. I then followed the pattern until the dinosaur tail was long enough.

Once I had done I went back to the bottom and crocheted the pointy bit of the tail, decreasing every couple of rows.


I then made three triangles and stitched them onto the dinosaur tail.

IMG_7526 IMG_7528 IMG_7529

Cue one very happy four year old.

Apologies for photos being the wrong way. For some reason WP isn’t updating them when I rotate them. Tsk.