chasing rainbows

When my mum was ill, my step dad put crystals in the bay window of her bedroom. When the sun shone through them, rainbows were cast around her room.

The day she died was rainy and stormy. It rained all day while we stood around her bed holding her hand. As she slipped away, the sun came out and shone through the crystals into her bedroom casting rainbows all around us.

It was as if she was saying “It’s ok. It’ll be ok.”

Since then rainbows have become very special for our family. They seem to appear when we most need them. For example, there were rainbows on the month anniversary, the evening before my cousin’s wedding, the day my niece started school, our first Christmas without mum.

When I was making the blanket for our school charity collection, I had a moment of inspiration for my sister’s birthday present.

A rainbow blanket for when she needs a cuddle.

I used the solid granny square from attic 24, a 4mm hook and stylecraft special DK. I made 24 squares in each colour which gave me 168 squares altogether. I had bought two balls of each colour but 0.75 balls provided me with all 24.


I played with layouts, but decided to start in a corner and work out in both directions.

IMG_7288 IMG_7287


IMG_7292Once all the squares were sewn together (which wasn’t as bad as you might think) I added a double crochet border of all seven rainbow colours.


The finished blanket measured 1m x 90cm. It’s the perfect size for covering a lap while reading or watching a film.

I am so happy with the finished blanket. It was made with a lot of love, and I think my mum would have approved. My sister loves it, and that makes it perfect.