oh christmas tree

I have probably mentioned it before, but my mum was a prolific knitter. When she died nearly three years ago, I was the only one of my siblings who would use her substantial wool stash, so it has since lived with me.

I had some green left over from the blanket I made for my nephew who never knew his granny. One evening, when I was work avoiding working I accidentally stumbled upon this pattern for a christmas tree based on a granny square.

And inspiration struck.

What could be a better use of Granny’s wool at Christmas than to make the grandchildren a Granny Christmas Tree that they can keep for ever?

I made six trees, one for each of my mum’s grandchildren. They are really quick and easy to make (I made two during Little M’s half hour swimming lesson).

I found some lovely vintage style alphabet buttons on eBay and sewed each child’s initial onto the trunk of the tree.


I threaded some butchers twine through the top chain space and voila, a  Granny Christmas Tree the kids can hang on their Christmas tree and think of their Granny.


She’d have liked that.