look up

How often do you look up?

Since we launched the sky blanket 2016 challenge, I have spent a lot of my time looking up. I’ve always loved the sky, and my instagram feed regularly features clouds or sunsets.

There has been an awful lot of grey recently. Wet, cold, dull grey.

It is December, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

But if you happen to look up, you might just see something beautiful, even amongst all the grey.

I am having so much fun choosing yarn. I think I have every eventuality covered, from snow to rainbows. I’m pretty much decided that I will choose the colour that I like best from each day. Which means I am going to have to look up more than once per day.

I’m hoping when I do look up I see more than grey.

Find out more about the sky blanket 2016 challenge here.

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