sky blanket 2016

A couple of years ago I took part in photography 365 challenge. I took a photo every day, and I loved having the challenge of doing something every day for a year.

A few months ago, The Boy and Me, Aly from bugbirdbee and I were chatting on social media about a knitted blanket someone had made that reflected the sky. Somehow, through our online chatting, we hit upon the idea of making ourselves a blanket where every row/square/whatever represents the colour of the sky that day. And so the idea of the sky blanket was born.

We plan to make our blankets throughout 2016. I’ve been trying to decide on a pattern, and while I love the idea of making a ripple blanket or something a little different, I know that I won’t last the year doing something more complicated than a basic stripe. I may branch out and do something like the cosy stripe, but expect I’ll stick to something I can do without thinking once I’ve got the Ms to bed and finished my work in the evening.

I’ve started to gather my supplies. I’ll be using style craft special DK, in various shades of blue and grey, plus a bit of pink and yellow for special sunrises/sunsets.


I am so very excited about making this blanket.

And one of the most exciting parts is you can join in too! The blanket (or scarf or whatever) can be knitted/crocheted or sewn. It just has to be inspired by the sky each day of 2016.

sky blanket

How will the sky blanket challenge work?


  • Decide what you are going to use to make your blanket and gather suitable supplies before January 1st.
  • Write a post (if you have a blog) about what you plan to do and add your post to the linky.
  • Use our pretty badge on any blog posts so others can see what we’re up to.
  • Keep us posted with your progress. We’ll be coming back every month to let you know how we’re getting on. Add your posts to the linky on the monthly update.
  • Visit other participants and give them encouragement.
  • We have a Facebook page too. Join us there for more sky blanket fun.
  • Follow us on twitter (@littlesewnsew, @TheBoyandMe, @BugBirdBee)
  • If you use twitter or instagram use #skyblanket2016 so we can find you
  • Create a beautiful blanket throughout the year, using the sky as your inspiration.
  • Enjoy!

The sky is quite literally the limit. I can’t wait to see what we all create in 2016!

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