comfort blanket

For those of you that don’t know, I am a teacher at a special needs secondary school. We operate as a regular, mainstream high school, following a timetable and working towards qualifications. The difference is that the children I teach find it hard to learn. Many cannot read or write.

In ten years of teaching at the school, it has been obvious to me that the regular curriculum does not equip our pupils with the skills they need to survive once they leave school, and eventually leave home.

In September we got a new headteacher. He has introduced a Life Skills lesson to every class, every week. Through these lessons we are teaching  the children to cook, clean, budget. Basically, giving them the skills to survive “in the wild”.

Over the last few weeks we have been teaching the pupils to knit/crochet/sew and every child has had an opportunity to make a square for a blanket, which will be sewn together to make blankets to be sent to charity for refugees.

Obviously I have fully embraced these lessons. I get to spend a double lesson doing what I love. What’s not to like?

In order to bolster our blanket completed blanket collection I decided to make one myself. I used the solid granny square tutorial from attic 24. It is so quick to make a square (10-15 minutes tops) that it’s possible to make one at any time. On the bus, at lunchtime, whilst waiting for tea to cook.

Having said that, I did run out of time (actual work kinda got in the way) so I only managed 48 squares. Still, it’s big enough for a baby or toddler.


I hope that whoever gets given it can find some comfort in it.