baby blanket

Last week was a bit of a shocker sewing wise. First up I was making a second mortmain dress. I got as far as the zip, and decided to go with an invisible one instead of an exposed one. I have done a few before, but for some reason, this one just would not work for me. After eleventy seven attempts (and that’s not even an exaggeration) I gave up and have put the dress on hold until I feel strong enough to try again. Then I decided I would make me some Margot pyjama bottoms from Love At First Stitch. I was 95% done when I realised I had measured wrong and there was no way those beautiful pjs were going over my ass. DAMMIT. So I sulked for a few days and then decided to make my friend a baby blanket.

(She has just had a baby, so it’s not a weird thing to want to make my friend…)

Anyhoo, I found this great tutorial for a cotton and fleece baby blanket and decided to go for it. What could possibly go wrong, eh?

I took myself off to Barry’s Fabrics* and spent some time picking some fabric. I am very much anti the whole “Blue For A Boy, Pink For A Girl” crap, so although this blanket is for a little boy I didn’t want Boy Fabric.

Are you following?


I chose a lovely bright bird print and a cream fleece to match.


Tonight Mr TOPP was out, the M’s were in bed and I decided to get over my sulk and go for it. I measured out the fabric, pinned then sewed.

No word of a lie it took an hour, start to finish.


Working with fleece was a new experience, and if I make another one (which is BOUND to happen because this is a really easy and personal baby gift) I will make sure that the fleece is pulled taut as it has more give than the cotton top layer and has moved a little bit.

That said though I am really pleased with the finished blanket.

I hope my friend is too.


*My new favourite place**

**Seriously, if you live in or near Birmingham you HAVE to go. It has everything you could want and is really good value. GO!