my mortmain dress

I discovered the mortmain dress pattern by gather a few weeks ago during a random trawl of t’interweb. It describes itself as being suitable for “ambitious beginners”.

Well, hello!


I bought the pattern and set about finding some fabric. I ordered some of this.

Turns out I only ordered 2 yards, not the required 2 metres. TOP TIP: When buying fabric online always check the small print…

Anyhoo, while I waited for another yard to arrive I practised putting in zips.

And then, finally, I got down to business.

The instructions are really clear, perfect for someone like me who is still learning. The box pleats were simple (once I’d stopped to think about it and read the instructions properly). I ignored the instruction to iron the pleats as I pinned them, which I regret a little now. Next time I will definitely iron them in…


The bodice, waistband and skirt went together easily.

Things got a bit more fiddly once the zip was involved. But after only a mild bout of swearing the zip was attached.


The biggest thing the mortmain has taught me is to think about how I finish the inside of a garment. This is by far the neatest I’ve ever been on the inside, as well as the outside.

The only thing that I didn’t follow the instructions on (apart from the ironing, obvs) was the hem. I pressed up an inch and then folded the hem under as I didn’t trust myself to use the pinking shears evenly all the way around, and would probably have ended up with a very wavy hemline.


I am so pleased with my mortmain dress. I made a 12, and the fit is good. I could probably have added a bit to the length of the skirt, but only because I intend to wear this to work.


did wear this to work on Monday, and I lost count of the number of times people told me they like my dress. I had to stop myself shouting saying “I MADE IT!” in reply to each of them. It did slip out a couple of times though…


I am pretty sure the mortmain dress will become a staple in my wardrobe. I can see this one with boots and a cardigan in the autumn. And I’m already planning my next one. Watch this space…