burda 7051

Last week I finally braved the terrifying world of zips, and now, having discovered that they’re not that scary after all there is no stopping me. I had bought a few patterns the other week when John Lewis had a half price sale on. One of them was the Burda 7051.

On Saturday I cut out the pieces. After a couple of disappointments, I have decided I need to add at least 5cm to any future patterns. The 7051 has two points at which you can lengthen the pattern – one at the bust and one at the waist. According to my measurements I needed to add length at both points.

Whenever I have lengthened patterns before (basically, once) I just added the length to the bottom of the pattern. I have no idea if my method with the 7051 was correct, but I think it worked…


Any tips would be gratefully received.

Anyhoo, once the M’s were in bed I spent a rock and roll evening sewing. Mr TOPP was out so it was me, my machine and an audio book.


I am so bloody middle aged. At least I had wine.

Two hours later I had a finished top.




The pattern was really straight forward (it is labelled as easy so it should be…) and really would have taken less than two hours if I hadn’t had to have two attempts at the invisible zip. Although I have discovered they’re not scary, I have discovered you need concentrate a bit more when stitching them in.

Best to start on the wine *after* the zip is done. Just FYI.

But the main thing is, it fits.


Go me.